Why do we teach Spanish at Sandgate?

  • Phonetically, Spanish is the easiest language for children (and, arguably, the easiest language for adults to learn).
  • Children are becoming increasingly more exposed to Spanish, through sport (including football), music, food and culture.
  • Spanish is spoken by many more people than any other European language (almost rivalled by English, depending on your source!)
  • Spanish is a World language and International language of business, on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Children are extremely likely to take a holiday in Spain or a Spanish island, and therefore practice it with friendly locals!
  • All research indicates that the skills that children develop in Language learning have extensive benefits to many other areas of their learning, including literacy and their resourcefulness as learners. (This is equally true of other foreign languages too!)
  • We’ve been doing it well here for seven years now and have received recognition for this from Ofsted, the British Council, County and local Secondary schools: let’s keep a good thing going strong!

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