Message From House Captains

Welcome to Sandgate Primary School. We are the House Captains and we believe that we represent the views of all the pupils here at our school.

Every student has the opportunity to push their learning to the limit. We all have our ambitions and we strive to fulfil them, with high level challenges and encouragement from the teachers.

Friendship is a vital key to a happy school life; you can never have too many friends. We keep our friendships strong by using Peer Mediators, who help children solve their problems through the power of talking.

What do we enjoy most about our school?

We enjoy the variety of learning, especially our extra and cross-curricular activities. Recently, we have been participating in a unique concept, called Enrichment. This is an amazing chance to absorb yourself in learning that really interests and inspires you. It might help you towards what you want to achieve and be in adulthood.

Sandgate Primary promotes independent learning and encourages all its pupils to self assess, which will take us forward into further chapters of our lives.

House Captains