Message from the Values Ambassadors 2021-2022

We are very excited to introduce ourselves as Sandgate’s first ever Values Ambassadors who represent the values of compassion, courtesy, determination, equality, friendship and respect.

We help to demonstrate and promote each value in our school to help everyone understand right from wrong. We know how important it is as a child today to be confident, motivated and resilient so that we are all better prepared as we grow up into adults. Helping get the whole school motivated to show our values every day can help shape our understanding of the world.

That’s why we have value representatives, such as Marcus Rashford and Captain Tom for compassion. Learning about these individuals, and how they contributed to society in a positive way, guides us in our own lives. Every child collects values stickers throughout the year in recognition of the values they demonstrate.

As Values Ambassadors, we have already begun to lead (at the moment, virtual) assemblies and we hope to be able to get in to classrooms soon to talk with classes about the importance of our values in our lives.

Compassion, courtesy, determination, equality, friendship and respect – these aren’t just words to us. Each of these has meaning and we try our best to promote and celebrate each one throughout the whole school community.

From the Values Ambassadors…

Elissa and Evelyn (Compassion)
Rayne and William (Courtesy)
Joshua and Tabitha (Determination)
Maya and Ollie (Equality)
Joseph and Stella (Friendship)
Eli and Isabelle (Respect)