Talk for Writing

Here are some of the comments from our current pupils:

“I really like the support that Talk for Writing gives me if I need it. I find it really useful to have examples to learn before we write our own.”

“I find the shared writing really helpful because it helps us to see how to actually do the writing.”

“I find it so useful to have a toolkit to have a look at when I get a bit stuck, but I also love that we can be free with our writing.”

The key to raising attainment

‘Everyone deserves the taste of success.’
We believe that every child that comes to school deserves to flourish, and it is this which leads our drive to empower children as readers and writers through Talk for Writing.

Sandgate has been a lead school in a two-year project working directly with Pie Corbett on developing writing in Shepway. Following the conclusion of the project, we have seen the arrival of a new curriculum and new accountability expectations. Talk for Writing has continually grown and developed as we have refined our practice to place the principles of Talk for Writing at the heart of everything we do. This has had a significant impact on standards of reading and writing but even more notably has empowered children as independent authors and lovers of English.

Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett and Julia Strong, is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables children to imitate the language they need orally before reading, analysing and then using the language to develop and write their own independent version. Further information about Talk for Writing can be accessed through the main site, here. We hope that all teachers and teaching assistants who are interested in the Talk for Writing approach will join the Talk for Writing network, accessible here.

Talk for Writing