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Name of GovernorDate of AppointmentEnd of Term of OfficePositionCommittee Membership & Attendance Record for Sept 2015-July 2016Register of Business Interests
Head Teacher Governor:
Matthew Green5 September 2016
Member of all Committees
FGB attendance 6/6
Local Authority Appointed Governors:
Judy Doherty11th February 201110th February 2019Chair of GovernorsGoverning Body
Ex-officio of all Committees
FGB attendance 5/6 meetings
Associate Governor of Selsted Primary School
(July 2016)
Member of the IEB at Brenzett Primary School (July 2016)
Staff Governors:
Stephen James 23rd September 201422nd September 2018Premises
FGB attendance 6/6 meetings
Parent Governor at Seabrook Primary School (July 2016)
Parent Appointed Governors:
Dominic Van der Wal24th May 201023rd May 2018FGB attendance 6/6 meetingsWife is employed as a teacher at school
(20th October 2015)
Lisa Monk-Jones8th July 20157th July 2019Vice ChairFinance

FGB attendance 6/6 meetings
No business interests to declare
(25th September 2015)
Myriam Bouraki8th July 20157th July 2019Finance

FGB attendance 6/6 meetings
No business interests to declare
(July 2016)
Rupert Davis12th February 201611th February 2020Premises

FGB attendance 3/3 meetings
Wife is employed as a teaching assistant at school
(July 2016)
Co-opted Governors:
Robin Johnson24th June 20086th July 2019Joint Vice Chair of Governors
Acting Chair

FGB attendance 6/6 meetings
(July 2016)
Jennifer Ibbetson-Revell22nd March 20116th July 2019Joint Vice Chair of GovernorsFGB attendance 5/6 meetingsChair of Governors of Selsted Primary School
Elizabeth Neads15th October 20146th July 2019FGB attendance 5/6 meetingsNo business interests to declare
(July 2016)
Sarah Burwell20th October 201519th October 2019FGB attendance 3/4 meetingsPCC Governor at Elham Primary (March 2017)
Clerk to Governors:
Kerry Parry

Governors serve a term of office of 4 years.