Letters for Parents

March 2021Foundation Newsletter Term 4 Week 5 wb 22.3
March 2021Foundation Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 wb 15.3
March 2021Foundation Newsletter Term 4 Week 3 wb 8.3
December 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 7 wb 14.12
December 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 wb 7.12
November 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 wb 23.11
November 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 3 wb 16.11
November 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 2 wb 9.11
November 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 2 Week 1 wb 2.11
November 2020Parent Consultations Letter
November 2020Parent Governor Nomination Letter to Parents 04.11.20
November 2020Sandgate - Parent-Governor-Election-Guidance and Nomination Form
October 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 1 Week 8 wb 19.10
October 2020Foundation Newsletter Term 1 Week 7 wb 12.10
October 2020Newsletter Term 1 Week 6 wb 12.10
September 2020Newsletter Term 1 Week 3 wb 28.9
September 2020Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 wb 21.9
September 2020Dear Butterflies and Bumblebees…
March 2020Update 20th March 2020
March 2020Update 18th March 2020
March 2020Year 6 Letter
March 2020Cancelled clubs/events
March 2020Year 1 Dover Castle
February 2020Break the Rules Day
February 2020Year 3 Really Big Singing Day
February 2020Year 5 Port Lympne 2020
February 2020Year 2 SATS Information evening
February 2020Whole School Writing Event
February 2020Term 4 Clubs
February 2020Year 5 Film Consent
February 2020Year 5 Swimming
February 2020NSPCC Assembly
February 2020VE Day Remembered
February 2020Plimsoll Day 2020
February 2020Greengang Family Magazine
January 2020NSPCC letter
January 2020Year 6 Safety in Action
December 2019Clubs Term 3
December 2019Year 3 Swimming Term 3
December 2019Epiphany 2020
November 2019Santas on the harbour
November 2019Christmas Art Attack
November 2019PTA Christmas dates for your diary
November 2019Christmas Film Night
November 2019Year 5 Ragged School Trip
October 2019 Parent Consultations
October 2019 KS2 Pantomime
October 2019 Year 2 Swimming
October 2019 Christmas Play Dates 2019
October 2019The Big Draw Event
October 2019The Big Draw Festival Flyer
October 2019Clubs Term 2
September 2019EYFS Parent Consultations
September 2019Book Week Flyer 2019
September 2019Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential
September 2019Read & Relax 2019
September 2019Book Share Dates 2019/2020
September 2019Extra-curricular clubs ideas
September 2019Harvest Festival
September 2019Year 4 HMS Belfast Trip
September 2019Year 5 Loan of Musical Instruments
September 2019Year 3 Maidstone Museum Trip
September 2019 Foundation Parent Workshop
September 2019Individual Photos 2019
September 2019Year 4 Beach Day
September 2019Year 4 Swimming
September 2019Sports Clubs Term 1
September 2019Year 6 Folkestone Museum Trip
September 2019Meet the Teacher sessions
September 2019History Newsletter 1
July 2019Extreme Reading Challenge
July 2019Green Gang Summer 2019
July 201912th July 2019
July 2019Moving Up Day, Staffing and Classes
July 2019Summer Sizzle Tag Day Flyer
June 2019 Year 6 Event Dates
June 2019 Year 6 Meal and Disco
June 2019 Year 6 Last Day Details
June 2019Canada Day
June 2019 KS2 Sports Day
June 2019Foundation and KS1 Sports Day
June 2019Year 6 Fiver Challenge
June 2019 Year 4 SRE
June 2019Year 2 SRE
June 2019Year 4 Urban Sports Festival
June 2019Second Whole School Writing Event
May 2019Camp Night 2019
May 2019Foundation Wingham Wildlife Trip
May 2019 Foundation SRE
May 2019 Port Lympne Trip Year 5 Second Letter
May 2019 Foundation Grandparents Event
May 2019Year 4 Shorncliffe Military Cemetery
May 2019 Year 6 Swimming Term 6
May 2019 Class Photograph
May 2019 Year 5 Transfer to Secondary School
May 2019 Charivari 2019
April 2019Hythe Round the Houses 2019
April 2019Year 3 Forest School Trip
April 2019Term 5 Clubs
April 2019PTA Film Night
March 2019Election of Parent Governor Letter
March 2019Term 5 Dinner Menu
March 2019Easter Art Attack
March 2019 Parent Consultations April 2019
March 2019Year 2 SATS Information Evening
March 2019Year 6 Martello Trip
March 2019Year 3 Singing Morning
March 2019Science Week 2019
March 2019Year 1 Dover Castle
February 2019 Year 2 SATS Information Evening
February 2019Year 5 Port Lympne Overnight Stay 2019
February 2019Term 4 Clubs 2019
February 2019Foundation Saga Walk 2019
February 2019Year 5 Swimming Terms 4&5
February 2019Year 5 Film Consent
February 2019Whole School Writing Resource Letter
February 2019Year 4 HMS Belfast Trip
February 2019Disco Flyers 2019
February 2019 Green Gang Newsletter February 2019
January 2019Year 6 Safety in Action
January 2019Clubs Term 3

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