Letters for Parents

July 2017Year 6 SRE
July 2017Year 1 SRE
July 2017Year 1 information
July 2017Year 6 - last day details
July 2017Year 6 End of Year Production
July 2017Optional Parent Consultations
July 2017Year 5 Brass Performance
June 2017Class and Staffing 2017/2018
June 2017Summer Sizzle TAG DAY flyer
June 2017Year 5 Port Lympne final arrangements letter
June 2017Sports Day
June 2017Year 5 Taster Day
June 2017Year 6 hoodies
June 2017Year 3 Trip to Bedgebury
June 2017Foundation Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park
June 2017Year 1 Rare Breeds Centre trip
June 2017Year 2 Leeds Castle Trip
June 2017KS2 Sports Day
June 2017Foundation & KS1 Sports Day
May 2017Year 5 Titanic letter
May 2017Year 3 Trip update
May 2017Camp Night Letter 2017
May 2017Foundation Grandparent's visit
May 2017Year 6 Isle of Wight final letter & What to Bring list
May 2017Year 5 Titanic Dress Up Day
May 2017Year 5 secondary transfer letter
May 2017Years 3-6 Internet Safety Workshops
May 2017Class Photographs
May 2017Year 4 Wingham Park trip
May 2017Foundation SRE letter
May 2017Year 6 Swimming letter
May 2017Year 2 SRE
May 2017PTA Garage Safari letter
May 2017Year 6 SATs information letter
April 2017Year 3 Trip to British Museum
April 2017PTA Party flyer 2017
April 2017Year 5 Bikeability information
April 2017Year 4 SRE
March 2017Year 5 CATs
March 2017Year 2 SATs
March 2017Year 6 SATs
March 2017Hythe Round the Houses
March 2017Year 1 Trip to Dover Castle
March 2017Mathematics Learning Together Event
March 2017Year 3 trip to The Warren
March 2017Clubs Term 5
March 2017Foundation Balanceability update
March 2017Year 5 Healthy Pizza making!
March 2017Year 5 Bikeability
March 2017Easter Art Attack 2017
March 2017Parent Consultations
March 2017Year 3 - Cool Physics
February 2017Mathematics Learning Together Event
February 2017Year 6 SATs
February 2017Foundation Multi Skills event
February 2017Years 1 - 6
February 2017World Book Day 2017
February 2017Year 5 PG Film
February 2017NSPCC letter
February 2017Plimsoll Day!
February 2017Year 5 Swimming
February 2017Year 5 Ghost Hunt walk
February 2017Foundation SAGA walk
January 2017Clubs Term 4
January 2017Year 6 Use of Instagram
January 2017Foundation Disco
January 2017Year 1 & 2 Disco
January 2017Year 3 & 4 Disco
January 2017Year 5 & 6 Disco
January 2017Year 5 Port Lympne Trip
January 2017Big Garden Birdwatch 2017
January 2017Parent and Carer's Questionnaire
December 2016Year 2 Swimming Term 3
December 2016Year 5 SRE
December 2016Epiphany Celebration - St George's Church
November 2016Dinner menu for last week of Term 2
November 2016Year 1 Art Exhibition
November 2016Santa Fun Run
November 2016PTA Christmas Fayre
November 2016Harvey Grammar School Pantomime Year 6
November 2016Year 5 Trip to Canary Wharf
November 2016After School Club questionnaire
November 2016Santa's Charity Fun Run
November 2016Christmas Tales with Granddad - Years R, 1 & 2
November 2016Christmas Art Attack!
November 2016Children in Need
November 2016Foundation Writing Workshop
November 2016School Dinner Menu - Autumn/Winter 2016
November 2016Pupil Premium Funding information
November 2016Year 3 Swimming - Term 2
October 2016Operation Christmas Child
October 2016Year 4 PG rated film
October 2016Year 1 Trip to Samphire Hoe
October 2016Years 3-6 Marlowe Pantomime
October 2016Parent Consultations
October 2016PTA Brighton Shopping Trip
October 2016Application to Secondary School for September 2017
October 2016Year 6 IOW letter
October 2016Years 1-6 After School Club letter
October 2016Individual School Photographs
October 2016Year 2 Poulton Woods trip
October 2016Year 5 Folkestone Book Festival trip
October 2016Year 6 Folkestone Book Festival trip
October 2016'Read and Relax' event
September 2016Book Week Flyer 2016
September 2016Year 6 Secondary Admissions letter
September 2016Harvest Festival 2016
September 2016Year 5 - Loan of musical instruments
September 2016Year 1 Trip to Sandgate beach
September 2016Book Week & Christmas Play Dates 2016
September 2016 FOUNDATION Workshop
September 2016Meet the Teacher
September 2016Year 4 Swimming Term 1
September 2016Kent Downs Year 6 Trip

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