Letters for Parents

March 2019Election of Parent Governor Letter
March 2019Term 5 Dinner Menu
March 2019Easter Art Attack
March 2019 Parent Consultations April 2019
March 2019Year 2 SATS Information Evening
March 2019Year 6 Martello Trip
March 2019Year 3 Singing Morning
March 2019Science Week 2019
March 2019Year 1 Dover Castle
February 2019 Year 2 SATS Information Evening
February 2019Year 5 Port Lympne Overnight Stay 2019
February 2019Term 4 Clubs 2019
February 2019Foundation Saga Walk 2019
February 2019Year 5 Swimming Terms 4&5
February 2019Year 5 Film Consent
February 2019Whole School Writing Resource Letter
February 2019Year 4 HMS Belfast Trip
February 2019Disco Flyers 2019
February 2019 Green Gang Newsletter February 2019
January 2019Year 6 Safety in Action
January 2019Clubs Term 3
December 2018Year 3 Swimming Term 3
December 2018Epiphany 2019
December 2018Christmas Fayre Flyer 2018
November 2018Tag Day for Christmas Fayre Flyer
November 2018Year 5 Ragged School Trip 2nd Letter
November 2018Foundation and KS1 Pantomime
November 2018Christmas Art Attack 2018
November 2018Santa Fun Run 2018
November 2018PTA Film Night
November 2018Children in Need 2018
November 2018Term 2 Menu
November 2018Foundation Writing Workshop
November 2018KS2 Pantomime
November 2018Year 6 SATS
October 2018Parent Consultations
October 2018Christmas Play Dates 2018
October 2018Year 1 Samphire Hoe Trip
October 2018 Year 2 Poulton Woods Trip
October 2018Year 5 Trip to Ragged Museum
October 2018Greengang Family Newsletter Autumn 2018
October 2018Break the Rules Day Letter
October 2018Clubs Letter Term 2
October 2018Year 2 Swimming
October 2018Year 6 SCAF Appointment Letter
October 2018PTA Christmas Markets Trip
October 2018Year 6 Quarterhouse Trip
October 2018Book Week 2018
September 2018Read & Relax 2018
September 2018Year 5 Loan of Musical Instruments
September 2018 Foundation Phonics Workshop
September 2018 Harvest Festival 2018
September 2018Book Share Dates 2018-2019
September 2018 Sports Clubs Term 1
September 2018Meet the Teacher
September 2018Year 1 Beach Walk
September 2018Year 4 Swimming
July 2018Learning Profile Year 6
July 2018Learning Profile Years 3, 4 & 5
July 2018Learning Profile Year 2
July 2018Learning Profile Year 1
July 2018Learning Profile Foundation
July 2018Green Gang Family Newsletter Summer 2018
July 2018Classes and Staffing 2018/2019
July 2018Summer Sizzle Flyer
July 2018Year 6 SRE
June 2018Year 6 End of Year Production
June 2018 Year 1 Rare Breeds Trip
June 2018Tag Day for Summer Sizzle
June 2018Foundation Parent's Celebration
June 2018Year 5 Taster Day
June 2018 Year 6 Meal & Disco
June 2018 Canada Day Letter
June 2018 Year 6 Leavers Assembly
June 2018Year 6 Key Dates
June 2018 Year 1 SRE
June 2018 Leeds Castle Trip Year 2
June 2018 Year 5 Watersports & Beach Games
June 2018Year 6 BBQ Follow up Letter
June 2018 KS2 Sports Day
June 2018 KS1 Sports Day
June 2018Foundation Trip to Wingham
June 2018Camp Night 2018
June 2018Secondary School Admissions
May 2018 School Crossing Patrol Letter
May 2018Parent/Carer Questionnaire
May 2018Port Lympne Final Letter
May 2018Class Photographs
May 2018Road Safety Letter
May 2018Year 6 Swimming
May 2018Year 4 Urban Sports Festival
May 2018Foundation Grandparents Event
April 2018Year 3 Canterbury Trip
March 2018School Menu Spring/Summer
March 2018Green Gang Family Newsletter Easter 2018
March 2018Year 1 Dover Castle Trip
March 2018Easter Art Attack
March 2018Parent Consultations Year 6
March 2018Parent Consultations Year R-5
February 2018Year 5 Port Lympne Trip
February 2018Science Week
February 2018Book Week Flyer 2018
February 2018Clubs Term 4
February 2018 Year 5 Swimming Term 4
February 2018Green Gang Family Newsletter Feb 2018
February 2018Imperial War Museum Year 4
January 2018Disco Flyers January 2018
January 2018Turner Contemporary Art Competition
January 2018Geography Enrichment Day 2
January 2018Science Week
January 2018Clubs Term 3
December 2017Christmas Dinner Flyer 19th December 2017
December 2017Book Share Timetable
December 2017Year 3 Swimming Term 3
December 2017Epiphany January 2018
November 2017Tag Day for Christmas Fayre
November 2017Basketball Competition December 2017
November 2017Year 6 Folkestone Sports Centre
November 2017Shanghai Maths Exchange
November 2017Pantomime for Year R/1/2
November 2017Children in Need 2017
November 2017Year 6 Quarterhouse Trip
November 2017Year 5 Quarterhouse Trip
November 2017Foundation Parents Writing Workshop
November 2017Learning Profiles Foundation
November 2017Learning Profiles
November 2017Year 6 Statutory Assessment Tests
November 2017School/Family Photographs
November 2017Year 2 Poulton Woods Trip
November 2017Santa Fun Run 2017
November 2017Year 1 Samphire Hoe Trip
November 2017Pantomime Year 5 & 6
November 2017 Pantomime Year 3 & 4
October 2017 Parent Consultations November 2017
October 2017New Dinner Menu Term 2
October 2017Christmas Play Dates 2017
October 2017 Green Gang Newsletter Winter 2017
October 2017Year 6 Cristina Iglesias Walk
October 2017Foundation Admissions September 2018
October 2017Year 2 Swimming Term 2
October 2017Individual School Photographs
October 2017Clubs Term 2
October 2017 PTA Christmas Card Project
October 2017 Yoga Club Letter
October 2017Stay and Play Session Y1-6
October 2017Green Gang Family Events Newsletter
October 2017Year 6 Admissions to Secondary School
October 2017Read & Relax Letter 2017
October 2017Book Week 2017
October 2017Reading Newsletter October 2017
September 2017 Harvest Festival 2017
September 2017PTA Bruges Christmas Market Trip
September 2017Data Collection Sheets
September 2017Isle of Wight Trip Year 6
September 2017Foundation Parents Phonics Workshop
September 2017Sharks Class Meet the Teacher Session
September 2017Year 5 Brass Music Lessons
September 2017Year 4 Swimming Term 1
September 2017Year 2 Beach Trip
September 2017Year 5 & 6 Football Club
September 2017Dance Fusion Dance Club
September 2017Meet the Teacher
July 2017Year 6 SRE
July 2017Year 1 SRE
July 2017Year 1 information
July 2017Year 6 - last day details
July 2017Year 6 End of Year Production
July 2017Optional Parent Consultations
July 2017Year 5 Brass Performance
June 2017Class and Staffing 2017/2018
June 2017Summer Sizzle TAG DAY flyer
June 2017Year 5 Port Lympne final arrangements letter
June 2017Sports Day
June 2017Year 5 Taster Day
June 2017Year 6 hoodies
June 2017Year 3 Trip to Bedgebury
June 2017Foundation Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park
June 2017Year 1 Rare Breeds Centre trip
June 2017Year 2 Leeds Castle Trip
June 2017KS2 Sports Day
June 2017Foundation & KS1 Sports Day
May 2017Year 5 Titanic letter
May 2017Year 3 Trip update
May 2017Camp Night Letter 2017
May 2017Foundation Grandparent's visit
May 2017Year 6 Isle of Wight final letter & What to Bring list
May 2017Year 5 Titanic Dress Up Day
May 2017Year 5 secondary transfer letter
May 2017Years 3-6 Internet Safety Workshops
May 2017Class Photographs
May 2017Year 4 Wingham Park trip
May 2017Foundation SRE letter
May 2017Year 6 Swimming letter
May 2017Year 2 SRE
May 2017PTA Garage Safari letter
May 2017Year 6 SATs information letter
April 2017Year 3 Trip to British Museum
April 2017PTA Party flyer 2017
April 2017Year 5 Bikeability information
April 2017Year 4 SRE
March 2017Year 5 CATs
March 2017Year 2 SATs
March 2017Year 6 SATs
March 2017Hythe Round the Houses
March 2017Year 1 Trip to Dover Castle
March 2017Mathematics Learning Together Event
March 2017Year 3 trip to The Warren
March 2017Clubs Term 5
March 2017Foundation Balanceability update
March 2017Year 5 Healthy Pizza making!
March 2017Year 5 Bikeability
March 2017Easter Art Attack 2017
March 2017Parent Consultations
March 2017Year 3 - Cool Physics
February 2017Mathematics Learning Together Event
February 2017Year 6 SATs
February 2017Foundation Multi Skills event
February 2017Years 1 - 6
February 2017World Book Day 2017
February 2017Year 5 PG Film
February 2017NSPCC letter
February 2017Plimsoll Day!
February 2017Year 5 Swimming
February 2017Year 5 Ghost Hunt walk
February 2017Foundation SAGA walk
January 2017Clubs Term 4
January 2017Year 6 Use of Instagram
January 2017Foundation Disco
January 2017Year 1 & 2 Disco
January 2017Year 3 & 4 Disco
January 2017Year 5 & 6 Disco
January 2017Year 5 Port Lympne Trip
January 2017Big Garden Birdwatch 2017
January 2017Parent and Carer's Questionnaire
December 2016Year 2 Swimming Term 3
December 2016Year 5 SRE
December 2016Epiphany Celebration - St George's Church
November 2016Dinner menu for last week of Term 2
November 2016Year 1 Art Exhibition
November 2016Santa Fun Run
November 2016PTA Christmas Fayre
November 2016Harvey Grammar School Pantomime Year 6
November 2016Year 5 Trip to Canary Wharf
November 2016After School Club questionnaire
November 2016Santa's Charity Fun Run
November 2016Christmas Tales with Granddad - Years R, 1 & 2
November 2016Christmas Art Attack!
November 2016Children in Need
November 2016Foundation Writing Workshop
November 2016School Dinner Menu - Autumn/Winter 2016
November 2016Pupil Premium Funding information
November 2016Year 3 Swimming - Term 2
October 2016Operation Christmas Child
October 2016Year 4 PG rated film
October 2016Year 1 Trip to Samphire Hoe
October 2016Years 3-6 Marlowe Pantomime
October 2016Parent Consultations
October 2016PTA Brighton Shopping Trip
October 2016Application to Secondary School for September 2017
October 2016Year 6 IOW letter
October 2016Years 1-6 After School Club letter
October 2016Individual School Photographs
October 2016Year 2 Poulton Woods trip
October 2016Year 5 Folkestone Book Festival trip
October 2016Year 6 Folkestone Book Festival trip
October 2016'Read and Relax' event
September 2016Book Week Flyer 2016
September 2016Year 6 Secondary Admissions letter
September 2016Harvest Festival 2016
September 2016Year 5 - Loan of musical instruments
September 2016Year 1 Trip to Sandgate beach
September 2016Book Week & Christmas Play Dates 2016
September 2016 FOUNDATION Workshop
September 2016Meet the Teacher
September 2016Year 4 Swimming Term 1
September 2016Kent Downs Year 6 Trip

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